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Written by konex on 30 March 2021

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The cryptocurrency job market is on the rise, and it’s an exciting space to be in. If you work in crypto, it can sometimes feel like being one of the most interesting people in the room. After you tell everyone where you are working, they are interested in knowing more about you and are generally very curious about everything that you do.

Many professionals tend to find the cryptocurrency space more interesting than traditional finance because it is fast moving and can be quite unpredictable at the best of times. There are also a lot of smart minds along with true believers that are motivated by a higher calling, which is over and above just financial gain. These personalities only add to the interest of the cryptocurrency space.

Cryptocurrency professionals also tend to be on a higher salary and have more flexibility over where they work. There are many remote working opportunities which don’t require you to live near an epicenter of crypto like San Francisco or Tokyo. Remote work was a bigger drawcard before Covid, but there are also other freedoms that employees are afforded that helps employees stay focussed, healthier and happier along with being productive. Like other emerging technology industries, the professional development and well-being of employees is encouraged as a means to foster the growth of teams into drivers of innovation. This can take the form of sponsorships for workshop attendance, learning materials, or access to mentally stimulating entertainment.

So what kind of roles are out there? From IT engineers to sales executives, the space has created jobs that require a variety of skill sets. If you want to work in crypto, there are many different options available to you.

For developers, working in cryptocurrency presents a set of exciting new technologies to work with such as blockchain and smart contracts, and existing fields of expertise such as key management, cryptography, web application development, cloud infrastructure, and big data are certainly highly valued. That said, experience in these technologies are not necessarily a requirement, and crypto companies from the small startup to enterprise level are often happy to hire and train those who may be earlier in the developer career.

There are also non-technical related opportunities as well. Roles such as sales executives, project management, legal, and marketing are also in demand at crypto companies. Likewise, while knowledge about cryptocurrency might not be mandatory for these roles, even a non-technical understanding of cryptocurrency is a huge plus. People with an intersectional understanding of niche fields (such as law) and cryptocurrency are still rare today and are highly sought after.

We’ve already hinted at this earlier, but it is important to have knowledge of the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency to put yourself ahead of other professionals applying for the same roles you are. During the interview, questions may be asked to test your knowledge. Naturally, everyone has heard of the buzzwords around Bitcoin, so there will be some questions asked to assess your knowledge about how the cryptocurrency works at a level deeper than what you might have heard in passing on the news.

There are a number of trustworthy learning resources available online aimed for people with all levels of knowledge. Explainer videos by Andreas Antonopoulos on YouTube, and the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course provided online by Princeton University are excellent starting points. Be careful to steer clear of materials which are designed to trick newcomers into making uneducated investments; there is a predatory financial incentive to convince others to buy into a particular cryptocurrency when its market is young, or to scam you into sending funds into a fraudulent service. Learning as much as you can about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency will eventually instill you with a strong internal filter and litmus test to separate the legitimate from the illegitimate.

Another resource for learning about cryptocurrency that is often overlooked, but is an excellent way to find connections that could help you land a job in the industry are Bitcoin meetups. There are many meetups around the world that create an environment of knowledge and sharing. Individuals that attend can be both students and teachers, learning from experienced participants while educating newcomers. Many meetups also invite guest speakers to attend and share their knowledge, which can be quite interesting to listen to, especially the Q&A section. The meetup community could help jobseekers find an internship or volunteer work at a company in the cryptocurrency space.

So how do you go about finding a cryptocurrency role? Well, we have provided a lot of insight on how to do this, but the easy answer is to visit the konex website to see some of the roles we have. As you know, you can either visit the platform to apply for roles yourself, or to introduce roles to your job seeking friend and be rewarded for doing so.

Happy job hunting!

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