Finding candidates doesn't need to be stressful


Take the pain out of hiring

konex is a reputation based job site. We incentivize the introduction of talented candidates to anyone in our community that refers a successful hire to one of our clients.

We do things a little different than the traditional recruiting model because we know that trust is the currency of the new economy. This is supported by the following facts:

Over 80% of job seekers trust content provided by their friends and family.

Referred candidates are 4x more likely to get hired than a direct applicant.

About 70% of employers felt referred hires fit the company values better than traditional hires.

Increased overall employee engagement.

...and companies who onboard referred hires tend to increase their employee retention rate as they feel personally connected to their coworkers while also feeling a sense of responsibility to the referrer.

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Reach your audience

Job seekers find knowing the employer’s viewpoint helpful when learning about jobs and companies. Upload videos to reach job seekers so that they can learn about your company and vision and know exactly what you are looking for in the position that you are advertising.

Simple Fees

Our fee structure is simple. Get in touch with us to learn more and a representative will get in touch with you.

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Utilize the power of our growing network

Our network outreach is over 70,000 connections and growing!

Companies that advertise on konex are seeing on average 3-5 applicants qualified candidates per position during the first week.

To list your jobs on konex, email us at and one of our representatives will contact you.